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instant mageu

What is Instant Mageu?

Mageu or Instant Mageu. Is there a difference? Mageu, also known as maHewu, amaRhewu or amaHewu is a traditional non-alcoholic African drink and is available in both liquid and powder form (instant mageu). Its taste and texture varies significantly among…
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Bongani Face

A-Maize-ing Mageu Song

Bongani has written an amazing song for A-Maize-ing Mageu. Listen to Bongani as he gets your feet tapping, your body moving and your taste buds craving for more of our Mahewu! Don’t forget to share our super tasting Mageu and…
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The Future of Mageu

The future of the Mageu looks full of promise. Indications are that mageu is a growing market and although  many new smaller players have  come and gone over the  last few years, no any one brand seems to have taken…
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Business Inquiry Form

The A-Maize-ing Mageu & uMombothi products make for a great business opportunity that you can start from your home with the minimum of capital. All it requires from you is commitment, time and effort. To find out more click here,…
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What our customers are saying!

A-Maize-ing Mageu is taking the flea Markets by storm. Our customers are returning every week to buy there stock of Instant Mageu and porridge. They were more than eager to give us their testimonials about A-Maize-ing Mageu…!  Please take some…
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Energy Drink

Testimonials from our Clients

We get letters, phone calls and personal visits at the flea markets from many of our costumers expressing their satisfaction with our instant Mageu and porridge products. If  you’ve has a similar experience you’d like to share with others we’d…
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Market Photo

A typical market day

Flea markets is where it’s all happening. A-Maize-ing Mageu is a super consumer product to sell at certain targeted markets. Watch our video clip and experience first hand he hustle and bustle of a typical market day. Click here and…
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